High Deflection Mounts - 2K Mount Series

Two stage shock mount and vibration isolator for severe dynamic environments such as shipboard and ground vehicles.


Barry 2K-Series mounts offer the advantage of superior vibration and shock protection for a wide range of loads in a single compact unit. These isolators are ideal for isolating naval sonar equipment, ship board electronics and communications.


  • Combines shock and vibration isolation in a single isolator
  • Protects from vibratory inputs as low as 10 Hz
  • Designed for base mounting only
  • Wide load range for most applications


  • Elastomeric shock attenuating elements have as much as 1 inch of available deflection (1.5 inches for 2KS)
  • Limit shock transmissions to 20g's when subjected to a five foot hammer blow per MIL-S-901
  • Many custom versions are available. Consult factory for more information

Load Range

  • 2K1 Series = 4 load ratings from 1 - 10 lbs. per mount
  • 2K2 Series = 8 load ratings from 4 - 90 lbs. per Mount
  • 2KS Series for loads from 250 - 6,000 lbs.


  • Naval sonar equipment
  • Shipboard electronics
  • Radar installations
  • Computer & video displays

Environmental Data

  • 2K1 and 2K2 isolators are for use with lightweight MIL-S-901 applications.
  • 2KS systems are for use with medium weight MIL-S-901 applications.
  • Isolators and systems met MIL-STD-16400 inclination, temperature, humidity and salt spray specifications, MIL-STD-167 vibration tests and MIL-M-17185 environmental and oil immersion tests.
  • Operating temperature range is -20°F to +180°F (-30°C to +82°C).
  • Isolators are unaffected by humidity, sand, dust and fungus.
  Vibration Element Shock Element
NATURAL FREQUENCY 6 - 8 Hertz vertical 15 Hertz vertical
RESILIENT ELEMENT Friction damped spring Neoprene or Nitrile elastomer
STANDARD MATERIALS Varies with model Standard Beryllium Copper Grounding Strap
WEIGHT See Dimensional Drawings


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