Specialty Isolators - Marine Mount Series

Effective reduction of noise and vibration of internal combustion diesel engines in marine installations.


Barry Controls Marine Mounts are designed to provide effective noise and vibration isolation of marine engines up to, but not limited to, 1,000 hp.

One of the most important features of Barry Controls Marine Mounts is their ability to isolate vibration while transmitting full propeller thrust, efficiently isolating engine noise and vibration from the hull of the vessel.

This improves the reliability of equipment, and provides unmatched occupant comfort, particularly during start up or while at low RPMs.


  • Mechanically captive
  • Resilient elements of oil-resistant Neoprene
  • Corrosion resistant exposed metal parts
  • Off-the-shelf availability
  • Easy to install
  • Proven durability
  • Height adjustability


  • Improved ride comfort
  • Significantly reduces mechanical noise transmission
  • Able to transmit propeller thrust longitudinally along mount
  • Superior isolation at start-up and low RPMs

Load Range

  • 4 versions with 17 load ratings from 39 - 1,980 lbs. per mount


  • Marine Diesel Engines
  • Pumps
  • Compressors
  • Generator Sets

Environmental Data

  • Neoprene elastomer has an operating temperature range of -20°F to +180°F (-30°C to +85°C) and is resistant to oils, salt spray, ozone and oil-based solvents.

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