Low Profile Mounts - Barry Controls Multiaxis Mounts

Low-profile, economical mounts provide low-frequency vibration isolation in all directions


Barry Controls Multiaxis Mounts are designed for low-frequency vibration isolation. These all-attitude isolators provide effective vibration protection in all directions and are available in either square or diamond configurations. Snubbing washers provide an interlocking system of metal fasteners which act to prevent damage from overload or excessive shock impact.


  • All attitude
  • Low-cost
  • Compression to shear stiffness ratio 2:1
  • Axial to radial stiffness of 1:1
  • Compact, low-profile design
  • Available in square or diamond shape


  • Provides low-frequency vibration isolation in all directions
  • Compact size minimizes required mounting space
  • Designed for a wide range of applications
  • Easy to install

Load Range

  • Load Ratings from 1 to 16 lbs. per isolator at 3/16" deflection


  • Oxygen Concentrators
  • Small Pumps
  • Electronic Equipment
  • Medical Equipment
  • Instruments
  • Compressors

Environmental Data

  • Hi-Damp Silicone Version meets shock & vibration requirements of MIL-E-5400 with an operating temperature range of -67°F to +300°F (-55°C to +150°C).
  • Neoprene version is available for use where temperature extremes are not encountered, but resistance to oil or ozone is required. Operational temperature range is -20°F to +180°F (-30°C to +83°C).
NATURAL FREQUENCY 7 Hertz Under Max. Load
STANDARD MATERIALS Cold-rolled steel
WEIGHT 1 oz. (27481-S or 27481-D)

Mounting Hardware

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27481 - XS    27481 - XD