High Deflection Mounts - TTB Mount Series

Mid-frequency, low profile, high deflection mounts for protection from severe vibration and shock.


Barry TT-B Mounts are mid-frequency isolators with a large deflection capacity, designed to give both shock and vibration isolation protection. The standard Neoprene version is for applications where temperature extremes are not a factor.


  • Available in Silicone or Neoprene
  • Axial to radial stiffness of 2.3:1
  • Mid frequency isolation
  • Aluminum construction


  • Attenuates a 15g, 11 millisecond half-sine shock to 10g's
  • Attenuates a 30g, 11 millisecond half-sine crash safety shock to 16g's
  • Lightweight

Load Range

  • 3 load ratings to 30 lbs. per mount


  • Shipping containers
  • Airborne electronics & racking
  • Shipboard equipment
  • Mobile mounted equipment
  • Other applications where high amplitude, low frequency vibration is present

Environmental Data

  • Hi-Damp Silicone operating temperature range is -67°F to +300°F (-55°C to +150°C) and is resistant to fungus and ozone.
  • Neoprene operating temperature range is -20°F to +180°F (-30°C to +82°C) and is resistant to oil and ozone.
TRANSMISSIBILITY AT RESONANCE 4.0 Max. (Hi-Damp Silicone) 10.0 Max. (Neoprene)
RESILIENT ELEMENT Hi-Damp Silicone or Neoprene
STANDARD MATERIALS Aluminum (Grounding Strap Beryllium Copper)
WEIGHT 6.5 oz.
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