Project Description

Low-frequency variable air-damped mounts for a high level of vibration isolation.

Barry S-Mounts are air-damped isolators and are designed to provide the highest degree of vibration isolation for sensitive commercial and military airborne equipment. S-Mounts are particularly effective at isolating low level vibration.

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  • Low resonant transmissibility
  • 2 stage air-damping
  • Low natural frequency isolation
  • Axial to radial stiffness ratio of 4:1
  • Fail safe construction


  • Up to 90% isolation efficiency with inputs as low as 40 Hz.
  • Variable air-damping provides increasing isolation efficiency in high-frequency regions, even when input excursions become small
  • Meets safety requirements of MIL-E-5400 (30G 11ms half sine pulse)


  • S22 = 6 load ratings from .3 – 3 lbs. per mount
  • S44 = 7 load ratings from .25 – 9 lbs. per mount
  • S64 = 7 load ratings from 2.0 – 25 lbs. per mount


  • Military & commercial airborne equipment
  • Computers and storage devices
  • Optical devices & instrumentation
  • Lasers
  • Clinical diagnostic equipment


  • Silicone Air Chambers and Snubbers have operating temperature ranges of -67°F to +300°F (-55°C to +150°C).
  • Mounts meet all applicable standards of MIL-C-172 and are fungus and oil resistant.
NATURAL FREQUENCY 7-10 Hertz vertical
TRANSMISSIBILITY AT RESONANCE 3.5 Max. at sea level Approx. 4.3 at 50,000 feet
RESILIENT ELEMENT Air-damped spring
STANDARD MATERIALS Varies with model
WEIGHT S22 = 0.5 oz.
S44 = 2.5 oz.
S64 = 5.0 oz.